The Washington Athletics strive to provide some of the best values among select baseball programs in the area. We rely on fundraising to help cover families in need and expense inflation. Fees associated with running a baseball program are extremely high and continue to grow each year as the program becomes more competitive and successful.

Instead of passing these fees onto families, we have a goal to fund raise a target of $250 per player. We also do not want financial burdens to keep kids from playing and we offer limited scholarships to families who apply and are approved for hardships. We of course would like to increase scholarship availability as well through our fundraising.

The organization has grown from 1 team in 2011, to 13 teams. We have also developed our top team to compete in the Seattle Premiere League, which is regarded as the top league and comprised some of the best teams in our area.

We also strive to pay coaches fairly to attract and retain good coaches in the area and spend a little extra for payroll direct deposit, accounting, and to stay current on vendor payments.

The organization is a 501(c) registered non-profit, so all donations are tax deducible and available for company matches, so please check to see if your company can match. EIN #46-0669055

We are already registered in the Microsoft system and a few others. Please pass this fundraiser along to your friends, family, and share it on social media. Volunteer hours are also available for match.

Also, feel free to leave an encouraging comment either to an individual player, the team, or the organization.  You are all part of the Washington A’s family!

Thanks for your support of the Washington Athletics Baseball Club!

Go A’s!!